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New pattern alert!

I am so excited to introduce A Bumpy Road to Love Shawl which is now available on Ravelry,


and Etsy


Craft: Crochet
Published: May 2019
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Ombré Life
Yarn weight: Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) 
Hook size: 3.75 mm (F)
Yardage: 1312 – 1640 yards (1200 – 1500 m)
Sizes available: 66 inches across
Crochet terminology: US
Languages: Flag of English English

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This design was definitely a labour of Love for me a-lot of frogging and redoing but here it is and i am so very happy with it, and ever so great-full to my team of testers, I hope you enjoy making it as much as I love it 🙂

F/5-3.75 mm hook
1400 meters 50% cotton/ 50% Acrylic fingering/4ply
I used 3 cakes of Lion brand ombre life Sunrise
Abbreviation’s US Terminology
Chain – Ch
Slip Stitch – Slst
Stitch – St/sts
Space – Sp
Skip a stitch – sk
Single crochet – Sc
Double crochet – Dc
Back post double crochet – Bpdc
Front post double crochet – Fpdc
3 double crochet together over the next 3 stitches – dc3tog
5 double crochet together over the next 5 stitches – dc5tog

Crafts, Crochet, How to, Yarn and Hook

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Crafts, Crochet, How to, Yarn and Hook

2019 Patterns

I have had a very busy year designing so far first up was the most requested Rectangle version of granny hearts

I was then commissioned by Love Craft to come up with a market bag design to commemorate Earth day this is what i came up with I heart tree’s market bag available for a limited time for free on the Love Crochet website



After making so many heart designs I needed a break so back to my favourite thing to create Mandala’s I find them very relaxing The first was the Pineapple Mandala

52426166_318737745665407_1615146688161251328_n.jpgThen along came Granny’s garden



And then back to hearts with the Granny hearts shawl this was very similar to a shawl pattern i had designed a few years ago as it has the same heart pattern but this time i used the granny stitch *3 dc* lazy designing on my part but it was another requested design so here it is


The next pattern i released was this cute mandala flower called Petals she is 22 inches once stretched on a hula hoop, This was a new challenge for me having 14 bobbins of colour! I absolutely love the finished outcome


In between all of these I have been working on a Shawl and throw that are yet to be released so keep your eye’s out for them!

UPDATE the Bumpy Road to Love Shawl has now been released



I have also managed to create a FaceBook group  so if you would like to come join me I would love to see you and all your creations


Happy Crocheting Jodie

Crafts, Crochet


Hearts seriously who doesn’t love them?

I have just released the Heart blanket that can be made from crib size up to a king you can find the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy

I started to design this Heart Triangle Shawl / Scarf back in Feb 2017 and of course i could not just stop with the Shawl, (keep reading there’s more) you can make this as a big wrap shawl or a small bandana style bib

What i used:

Yarn: DK, 8 ply

Hook size: H (5 mm)

Or any weight yarn and the appropriate hook works well for this project.

US Stitches/Terminology Used

Ch = Chain

Sc = Single crochet

MR = Magic ring

Dc = Double Crochet

Sp = Space

Sk = Skip a stitch

Rep = Repeat

sts / st = Stitch /es

dc3tog = 3 double crochet together

dc5tog = 5 double crochet together

Skill level: Easy – Intermediate

I had to also make a Poncho because little girls in hearts ❤ available in Size child 1 all the way up to a woman’s 22

You can even add a hood like the very cleaver #Fullhandsfullheart did

This gorgeous pink one below was made to fit a size 22 adult

vestIt is written for a 1-2 year old with “Hints” for bigger sizes 

You can add arms to make it a cardigan (not included in the pattern)

a long scarf

and a Market bag

I have this continuous granny heart pattern with my testers It should be available to purchase in a week’s time


If you can not wait I have this 8X8 inch square that would make a cute cot size blanket Oh the possibilities are endless


How to

Special stitches and techniques I think every crocheter should know!

Special stitches that you should learn! seriously they will improve your crochet.

Most of my patterns have one of these stitches what am I talking about? The foundation single and double crochet of course.

Why will the improve your crochet? well let me tell you

#1 No more starting chains!! How annoying are they! not to mention they don’t actually look that flash

#2 They look great

#3 They have more stretch


ch sc

How to do a foundation single crochet

Step 1: Ch 2
Step 2: Insert your hook into the first chain stitch.
Step 3: Yarn over and pull through one loop (chain made)
Step 4: Yarn over and pull through one loop again


Yarn over and pull through both loops to make a single crochet

row fsc

How to do a Foundation double crochet stitch:

Step 1: Ch 3

Step 2: Yarn over, insert hook into the first chain, Yarn over, pull through loop. (chain made)fdc2

Step 3: Yarn over, and work as a double crochet (dc).
Step 4: Yarn over, insert hook into top two sts at the base of the just completed dc.


Step 5: Yarn over, pull through one loop (chain made) Yarn over, work as a double crochet.

Repeat step 4- 5 until you have the stitches you need.

fdc row
And another is the Long Tail Chain Cord 

How many times have you had to make a chain cord? they really do not look great, sure you can SC in each stitch but seriously why?. Or maybe you have tried the icord wow how fiddly is that!

Let me introduce you to the long tail chain cord

With a H/8-5mm hook 2 meters of DK yarn will make a 1 meter long cord

Let me show you using two different coloured yarns my tail is the pink and my working yarn in purple

Make a slip knot


Step 1: Wrap tail yarn (pink) around hook from front to back, two loops on hook (i know i have 3 but i am using two strands so you can easily see what i am doing)

Step 2: With working yarn (purple) yarn over and pull through both loops, you should have one loop on hook

3And repeat




and voila we have a nice easy cord


Repeat until you get the desired length,

Blocking your crochet

Blocking is an important step toward making your crocheted pieces look more professional.

It’s a way of finishing your projects using moisture and or heat depending on the yarn. Proper blocking of a crocheted garment or accessory can go a long way toward making it look and fit better, and it can help pull it back into shape,

Blocking helps to set the stitches and can even enhance the drape of the fabric.There are different methods for blocking crocheted pieces, Choosing the correct blocking method depends on what the item is and what type of yarn or thread is being used. Also, certain Yarn’s might not be suitable for blocking.

I make at least one Christmas ornament every year and every year I get less and less left over when I am packing up!! They seem to like walking out the door with my visitors, without blocking they would not hang right.

I will do another blog post on how I stiffen them

Getting Started

You’ll need a blocking board or foam mats, rustproof pins, a steamer or steam iron, a spray bottle, and your yarn or thread labels. A blocking “board” needs to be a flat surface that’s large enough to hold the piece or pieces you want to block.

Choose Your Method

Blocking methods may be described as wet, dry or cold. The actual method you choose will vary depending on your yarn. Always consult the yarn label.

Most natural Yarns such as wool, cotton, linen and mohair may be either wet or dry blocked.

Some synthetic Yarns like most acrylic yarns can only be wet blocked, never use hot steam.

Novelty and metallic Yarns may need special care and may not be suitable for blocking.

Wet blocking is suitable for those Yarns which can be washed. Thoroughly wet it and gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring or twist! lay the piece out flat, and gently pat and shape, Pin the piece securely in place using rust-proof pins Leave the piece undisturbed until it is completely dry.

Dry blocking is suitable for Yarns which can tolerate moisture and heat (steam). Pin the piece into the desired shape and size on the blocking board. Pins should be close together and evenly spaced so as not to distort the fabric. Blocking wires also work well.

Cold blocking can be used for Yarns which can tolerate moisture but not heat. Pin the piece into shape on the blocking board as you did for dry blocking. Mist with a spray bottle of clean water until the piece is completely wet.